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Turn Key Program


Our Turn Key Program continues to be very popular with our customers.  It helps you save money and takes the headache out of the installation process.  When you receive one of our "Turn Key" units all you have to do is add your radio, graphics, etc., and you are ready to go to work.  You have no added down time for installation which gets you back out there patrolling the streets much faster.  Our equipment prices are very competitive, and are often much less than other equipment suppliers. 

Our equipment "Turn Key" Lightbar packages start at $3,900.00 and our slick-top packages start at $4,900.00.

Please refer to our Equipment page for more information.


Did you know you can lease a Police Vehicle?  That's Right!  We have partnered with a Leasing Company that specializes in Municipal and Government Vehicle Leasing and their rates are surprisingly low, often much lower than you can get at a local financial institution.  The average payment is approximately $400-$600 per month per vehicle and they can do the lease for 2-5 years depending on the vehicle(s) etc.  So, if you need cars and don't have the funds up front for purchasing, give us a call and we will get you in touch with the reps, and within just 2-3 days you can have approval and we can arrange for delivery.

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