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We are your "Turn Key" Specialists

Buy your vehicle and equipment here at Big Bear Police Vehicles, LLC. and have your vehicle delivered completely upfitted and ready for the street. 

If your agency has a patrol unit that you need upfitted, call us for pricing.  We now offer very competitive pricing on equipment and professional installation.

We are an authorized dealer for:

Brooking Technologies, Inc.

Carson Sirens

Feniex Industries

vehicle lighting and equipment


Jotto Desk/ Assembled Products

located in Rogers, Arkansas.

10-8 Video Systems

in-car and body worn video systems.

We also offer other brands of emergency products which include:  Code 3, Tomar,  Federal Signal, and Whelen.

As of June 28, 2022, unfortunately, our pricing has changed due to the unforeseen rise in costs of products, limited product availability, and exorbitant shipping & freight charges.

2016 Explorer with blue lightbar.PNG



a.  Brooking Technologies Tempest LED                lightbar or Feniex Fusion-S lightbar, in              red/blue  or all blue, including flashing/        steady burn takedowns, alley lights,                integrated traffic arrow w/hook mount            strap kit.  May include optional front                flood and/ or 360 degree scene lighting.

b.  Siren w/ light controller

c.  1 pair of LEDs for the front grille

d.  100 watt speaker

e.  Headlight flasher (utilizing any integrated       headlight and tail light flashers) (white             grille light LEDs are utilized in lieu of a             headlight flasher on all ‘13-‘15 Ford PI               Utilities & Sedans).

f.  Equipment center console with armrest,        cupholders, and power auxiliary outlets.




a.  Front visor LEDs, rear windshield/rear

     deck interior LEDs, grille LEDs, rear             license plate area/ tailgate surface             mounted LEDs, exterior mirror LEDs,

     and LEDs in the reverse lights, tail                 lamps, and/or front corners

     (if applicable)  side window clearance         LEDs, and hideaway 

b.  Siren w/ light controller 

c.  100 watt speaker

d.  Headlight flasher (utilizing any                        integrated headlight and tail light                  flashers) (white grille light LEDs are              utilized in lieu of a headlight flasher

      on all ‘13-‘15 Ford PI Utilities & Sedans)

e.  Equipment center console with                      armrest, cupholders, and power                    auxiliary outlets.


a.  One pair of LEDs surface mounted to the          trunk/ tailgate for Ford PIU (any colors/              single color only)


b.  One pair of LEDs surface mounted to the          trunk/ tailgate for Ford PIU (any colors/              dual color only)


c.  Hideaway LEDs mounted in the reverse          lights and front corners for Ford PIU 

      (any color/ single color only)


d.  Hideaway LEDs mounted in the reverse          lights and front corners for Ford PIU

      (any colors/ dual color only)


e.  Push Bumper for '13-'19 Ford PIU  

      $550.00 (installed)

      (depending upon availability)

**Prices and products may vary due to availability, vehicle specifications, limited space due to vehicle & equipment mounting applications, and any unforeseen shipping charges. **

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